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Verbatim Reporting, Limited offers the following services:

  • Complimentary conference rooms with speaker phone and wireless internet.
  • Videoconferencing in-house.
  • Videotape services by certified legal video specialists. Formats include DVD(mpeg2), CD(mpeg1).
  • Synchronization of text, video, and/or exhibits.
  • Realtime by certified realtime reporters to LiveNote, CaseViewNet, Summation, Bridge, and iCVNet for iPads. With advanced notice, we can provide a computer or iPad for realtime viewing.
  • Rough ASCIIs upon request the same day.
  • Transcripts provided in full-sized, condensed, and/or electronically in PDF (for Federal filing),
    E-transcript, Word, or ASCII formats with word indexes.
  • Internet depositions with text, video, and/or audio in our office or yours (See information below.)
  • Verbatim reporting of depositions, arbitrations, hearings, trials, or meetings.
  • Computer-assisted realtime translation (CART) for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals or groups.
    For Information on web-based depositions

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